Simplified E-Rate Funding Management for your Organization

With maximizing E-Rate funding utilization and retention as a primary goal, provide a more efficient as well as modernized experience for your entity by managing E-Rate and Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) documentation and funding details in one centralized system.

Using ErateSyncTM, you can store records by funding year, mitigate remand of funding, improve streamline audit/review responses, increase transparency, and optimize your funding processes. As a result, you will maximize efficiencies and dramatically reduce time, cost and error for your organization.

Key Benefits

Improve E-Rate & ECF program management

Increase transparency, organization, and reduce frustrations within your entity, while gaining efficiencies and reducing potential return of funding by allowing staff and consultants to organize records and access online, instead of messy Google Drives or local drives.

Maximize efficiencies

Dramatically reduce time, costs and errors associated with E-Rate and ECF responses by managing all records by Funding Year and potential audit/review types in a unified, web-based system. Built-in automated indexing and tagging processes combined with Google Drive integration makes migrating documentation seamless and provides an comprehensive solution that eliminates guesswork, while mitigating return of funds for your school or library.

Improve audit/review responses

Keep your entity in compliance with USAC by making documentation and FRN details easy to access and maintaining reasonable response times so all work is done in a safe, approved manner. With automated audit/review page labeling, responding to inquiries and audits can be done more quickly and accurately, minimizing violations and increasing funding confidence.

Improve decision making

Maximize visibility and transparency with a full suite of report and data export features including FY documents report, missing documents report, audit-readiness reports, and export of FRN details. Provide analytics to elected officials to enable data driven decisions to improve efficiencies and deliver meaningful outcomes. Gain preparedness over multiple funding years. Conduct mock reviews and audits by funding year. Know that your organization is prepared for many years after the funding is utilized.

Gain preparedness over multiple funding years

Conduct mock reviews and audits by funding year. Know that your organization is prepared for many years after the funding is utilized.

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