Your E-rate compass

ErateSync is the epitome of specialized solutions for schools and libraries, ensuring meticulous record retention and audit protection. Dive deep into every facet of your E-rate journey with us.

From the initiation of an application to the closure of the funding year, remain a step ahead. Our platform doesn't just simplify the audit maze or guarantee a decade-long safekeeping of records.

It offers an insightful lens, shedding light on your funding health through intelligent reporting. Equip your institution with a bird's-eye view of E-rate compliance, funding trajectories, and so much more.

For entities committed to excellence in E-rate management, safeguarding against audits, and harnessing the power of data-driven insights, ErateSync emerges as the confluence of vision and precision. Journey through E-rate with ErateSync — where compliance meets clarity.

Key Benefits

Improve E-Rate & ECF program management

Illuminate every aspect of your E-rate funding: from its history and disbursements to invoices and utilization. Fortify your decisions with comprehensive data at your fingertips. Step into Board meetings with confidence and assurance, ensuring your E-rate funding is always in rhythm

Maximize efficiencies

Elevate your E-rate process with unparalleled time-saving measures. Gain a panoramic perspective of your E-rate compliance and funding vitality through our smart reporting and retention mechanisms. Seamlessly synchronize and methodically organize all pertinent documentation and data with our integrated tools. Dive deeper and uncover how we can amplify your efficiencies and mitigate the possibility of returning funds

Improve audit/review responses

Keep your entity in compliance with USAC by making documentation and FRN details easy to access and maintaining reasonable response times so all work is done in a safe, approved manner. With automated audit/review page labeling, responding to inquiries and audits can be done more quickly and accurately, minimizing violations and increasing funding confidence.

Achieve Unprecedented Awareness

Attain unparalleled clarity on your E-rate journey. Receive timely notifications regarding audit preparedness for each application, upcoming deadlines, disbursements, any missing documentation, and form statuses. Immerse yourself in complete visibility of your E-rate funding's progression.

Gain preparedness over multiple funding years

Conduct mock reviews and audits by funding year. Know that your organization is prepared for many years after the funding is utilized.

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