Introducing ErateSync:

Your Ultimate Record Retention and Audit Protection Solution

ErateSync is a cutting-edge record retention and audit protection platform designed specifically for schools and libraries. We simplify the audit process and ensure the secure retention of records for a 10-year period. As a legacy of compliance tool, ErateSync is the go-to solution for institutions looking to modernize their record compliance and protect themselves against audits, staff turnover, and more.

While other platform entities like Google Drive and SharePoint are used for similar purposes, they are not tailored to the unique requirements of the E-rate program. ErateSync fills this gap, providing a specialized solution for E-rate program participants.

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Don't leave your institution vulnerable to audits and outdated record compliance methods. Try ErateSync and experience the benefits of a platform tailored to the unique needs of schools and libraries participating in the E-rate program.

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Trusted by 100+ schools

ErateSync vs. Generic Cloud Storage Solutions

Discover the advantages of choosing ErateSync over generic cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and SharePoint:

Customized for the E-rate program

ErateSync is designed specifically for the needs of schools and libraries participating in the E-rate program, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Simplified audits

ErateSync streamlines the audit process, making it easy for institutions to comply with regulations and avoid penalties.

10-year record retention

ErateSync securely retains records for a 10-year period, providing peace of mind for schools and libraries.

Enhanced compliance management:

ErateSync modernizes record compliance, helping institutions keep up with changing regulations and requirements

Protection against staff turnover

ErateSync ensures continuity in record retention and audit protection, even as staff members come and go.

Simplify Records transference

At ErateSync, we know the struggle of manually uploading all your documents onto a new platform. We enable entities to sync their documents from USAC & other cloud-based platforms. You may be using for record retention.

Why Choose ErateSync?

ErateSync is trusted by countless schools and libraries for its specialized features and benefits, making it the preferred choice for E-rate program participants seeking reliable record retention and audit protection solutions. Don't settle for generic cloud storage platforms that don't cater to your unique needs – choose ErateSync and experience the difference.