Streamlined E-Rate Documentation and Audit Management

ErateSync is helping applicants nationwide bring all E-Rate records into one place quickly, easily and securely.

Need assistance establishing E-Rate document management processes that comply with the FCC’s 10-Year retention requirement?
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Centralize Records by E-rate Funding Year or by Emergency Connectivity Fund

Improve audit/review response time with AuditVaults for E-rate & ECF

ErateSync is a trusted and reliable choice for schools and libraries across the country

Key Benefits

Stop wasting time searching for E-Rate and ECF records. Reduce funding delays. Minimize  funding return risk.

Improve E-Rate & ECF with Maximize Efficiencies

Dramatically reduce time, costs and errors associated with E-Rate and ECF responses by managing all records by Funding Year and potential audit/review types in a unified, web-based system. Built-in automated indexing and tagging processes combined with Google Drive integration makes migrating documentation seamless and provides an comprehensive solution that eliminates guesswork, while mitigating return of funds for your school or library.

Improve audit/review responses

Keep your entity in compliance with USAC by making documentation and FRN details easy to access and maintaining reasonable response times so all work is done in a safe, approved manner. With automated audit/review page labeling, responding to inquiries and audits can be done more quickly and accurately, minimizing violations and increasing funding confidence.

Improve decision making

Maximize visibility and transparency with a full suite of reporting and data export features including FY documents report, missing documents report, audit-readiness reports, and export of FRN details. Provide information to organization leaders  to help improve funding efficiencies and future resource allocations.

Centralized Records Management

No more file servers, lost files due to personnel or consultant changes, or complex EPC logins. Centralize your records by funding year and/or audit type on a powerful, comprehensive platform for storing, sharing, and so much more. Plus, use AutoSync to easily migrate your USAC Forms or files from Google Drive, into ErateSync.

Secure Collaboration

Develop PIA and audit response strategies with internal staff and consultants. Establish access levels for different user types.  Password protect documents for sharing internally or with USAC reviewers or auditors.

Organizational Preparedness

Generate E-Rate and ECF reports by funding year. Conduct mock reviews and audits by funding year. Know that your organization is prepared for many years after the funding is utilized.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are using ErateSync.

“The initial setup and login process is very easy with ErateSync! We can now efficiently review and retrieve copies of E-Rate documents that were uploaded by our consultant. This is very helpful from a compliance standpoint."

Joseph H.
School District IT Director

"Being the one person responsible for E-Rate at my school, ErateSync made the E-Rate program much more manageable. I can now easily track and generate a report of all documents by funding year.”

Vivianna T.
Charter School Executive Director

"The ErateSync tool is easy enough to navigate and provide access to other end-users. Having my organization’s invoices and payments in a single repository is very helpful. The funding year reporting tool will prove to be very helpful as an end-user can select a specific funding year and all documents related to that funding year are populated."

Ryan Ibarra
IT Principal , San Diego County Library


Some of the Awards we got for ErateSync


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What Is Eratesync?
ErateSync is a digital records management system that aligns with FCC E-Rate and Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) Documentation Retention Guidelines. Knowing that online documentation is more than uploads and downloads, ErateSync was designed to assist entities with the annual storage, organization, and management of all E-Rate files – proposals, bid evaluations, contracts, invoicing, and more.
How Much Space Does My Organization Get?
All subscription plans provide as much space as you need for storing your critical E-Rate data.
What Are User Type of User Accounts There?
There are 3 types of user accounts:
Admin – The Admin account type can add/remove users and upload/download files. The Admin user is the only user that can delete files.

Contributor – Can upload and download files.

Viewer – Can view files and generate reports.

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