Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) Program – Duplicative Funding

Bryson Moore
February 28, 2023
5 min read

We want to avoid any potential problems that could result in your application being denied, for that reason, please refer to the questions about duplicative funding so you can get all the ECF support you need!

Q: Can an applicant receive ECF funding for a broadband connection to the home for a student that previously received support for that connection from another government program (such as CARES Act funding) that is no longer available?

A: ECF rules do not permit applicants to receive duplicative support for the portion of the services that have already been reimbursed through other federal or state programs. If a student’s household is receiving support from, for example, the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program for broadband internet access connectivity, the student would not be eligible for broadband connectivity under the ECF Program.

If the previous program funding is no longer available, and the student as a result lacks adequate access, the applicant may seek funding for providing broadband connectivity to that student.

Additionally, a student whose household is receiving broadband service through the EBB Program could receive a connected device through the ECF Program if they would otherwise lack such access.

More questions on the ECF Program? Visit the FCC’s FAQ Page

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Bryson Moore
February 28, 2023

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